Gollers Smock Parka

If you've made it here and you're reading this then you're obviously interested in the pre order details for my latest jacket offering, the Gollers Smock Parka. Named after an area of Newport affectionally known by locals as the Gollers, the area is an ancient hill fort situated on the side of the area of Newport I'm from - The Gaer.
I haven't done an overhead style jacket yet so this was a new concept as regards the design process. I wanted to create something that's quite classic looking but put a Creu twist on it by way of certain details which I will explore in this post.
Available in two different fabric / colours, they are quite contrasting in terms of look. Firstly I've chosen a 340g/m2 antique wax cotton in brick red which is complimented with a putty brushed twill inner. The outer fabric is from Halley Stevenson in Dundee and is superior quality. The lining is from Bernstein lining company. The outer fabric has been selected because of it's wearing properties and how it will form over time to leave a unique patina. This is something I find really interesting with clothing as it tells a story, each line and crease becomes a tapestry of the wearers lifestyle. This fabric is waterproof and windproof.

Secondly I've chosen a hybrid wax cotton in a digital camo print also from Halley Stevenson. The camo pattern is digitally printed and lends itself to a more technical look. This fabric is substantially lighter than the antique wax cotton and weighs 160g/m2 (on it's own) This is finished with a brushed twill inner as well. The feel of this fabric is totally different to the antique wax in that it doesn't have that wax feel to it, it's a dry handle and you wouldn't know it was such. Married with the lining this comes up as lighter - medium weight jacket which affords plenty of movement and comfort to the wearer. 

Both jackets are identical in design but I've made some slight adjustments from the initial design which will now be present on whichever one you choose to order. Starting with the cut of the jacket, I've adopted the typical longer parka style with a longer length back which curves around the side hem to give a nice side profile silhouette. On both side seams there is a 3 button adjuster so to give the jacket a slightly wider bottom and to allow for easier removal / putting on.

Another import feature that I've added is the hood construction. If you've been following me from the start then you know I love a good hood. This one is no different but it was initially a bit big and loose for what I wanted so to remedy this I've added snap buttons to either side to allow the wearer to crimp it and bring it closer to the face and overall leave a smaller area exposed. The hood is finished with a peak.

Although I've kept the style quite classic with a four pocket front, I've overcompensated for this by making the pockets over sized, especially the chest shield pockets. These can be used as hand pockets just as well as somewhere to keep all your daily gear and essentials. The waist pockets are designed in a curved cargo shape, not as deep as the chest but still ample for your wallet, phone and hands etc. All pockets are secured by metal snap buttons which are sewn on the underside of the pocket flaps. 


Fit Guide

If you're intending on ordering then please read this next section carefully as this is the fit guide that you'll be basing your order off.

The jacket is cut quite generously however it's not too drastic. I usually take an XL and I'm wearing an XL in the photos. It fits me slightly oversized with ample room for layering - I can easily get a shirt and decent thickness knit under it and it's comfortable. Personally I prefer a slightly looser fit with jackets but each customer will have their own preference and should choose accordingly.

Please note that due to the fact these will be made to order, I cannot accept returns due to sizing issues. I can of course exchange for an alternative size but only if another customer is looking for a similar exchange. Therefore I implore you to study the measurement and fit guide to ensure you're happy with your choice.

As with all raw measurements there is a tolerance of 1.5cm


The pricing for each jacket is as follows:

Antique wax red = £385 (Includes special delivery shipping within the UK)

Digital camo = £415 (Includes special delivery shipping within the UK)

Please note the slight variation in price is due to the added fabric costs for the camo version.

Worldwide shipping is available - please ask for a quote.

There is a payment plan available which is done on a deposit format where 50% is paid upon placing the order with the balance being paid upon completion. 

As with all my outwear releases these will be made in very limited numbers. Turnaround time will be advised once the pre order closes and I have passed on the order details to the factory.

Orders can be placed via DM either on facebook or instagram or via info@creuclothing.com

I consider the pricing of everything I do very carefully and strive to keep the numbers as fair, realistic and sustainable as possible - and this is no different for my jackets. They may appear to be expensive but please appreciate these are made here in the UK with the finest quality fabrics that I can buy. The cost of UK manufacturing is expensive and is ever increasing due to the times we live in but I would rather not make them if I had to compromise on the quality because at the end of the day they’re a reflection on me. As I have outlined before, making independent clothing here in the UK is not a get rich quick scheme and I certinaly don't do this for monetary reward. I do it because it's my great passion and joy to be able to create something that’s long lasting, beautiful and to the highest standards of quality that I possibly can - the reward is having something I've designed and created invested in by a customer.


Thank you for taking the time to read my enthusiastic ramblings and hopefully the passion that I've mentioned comes through in my words and the images on this page. If you have any further questions then please don't hesitate to contact me via any of my social media platforms or through my email - info@creuclothing.com 

Thanks for all your support and interest,